Snow, Ice, or Rain Injury

Snow, rain and ice are very unpredictable. During the winter months we rely heavily on newscasters weather reports. Unfortunately, some things you cannot expect. As you may already know, ice is slightly difficult to spot and is extremely slippery, these factors cause extreme hazards on the road. For most, these road conditions do not excuse you from work or school so with these hazards, unfortunately also comes motor vehicle accidents, and slip and falls. Because the risks are understood, property owners have a duty to ensure safety on their properties when individuals access it. Due to this, if they fail to do so and you or someone you know suffers an injury on an individuals’ public property due to these weather conditions you may be entitled to compensation for injuries sustained.

Property owners have a responsibility to try their best to prevent a slip and fall, or accident due to snow, ice, or rain on their property. Also note that it is sometimes impossible to avoid accidents, no matter how many precautions a property owner may have taken. There are, however, ways to prevent some. Pavement, area under shade, tiled floors, these are some areas that you would likely check for first so that if an individual is in this area, they are safe. Taking these precautions also help property owners avoid premises liability lawsuits.

In every premises liability case, there are factors that are necessary to hold a property owner liable for an injury sustained on their property. The individual must prove that the injury was incurred due to the property owners lack of care. A property owner must follow all safety regulations and must do everything possible to make their place safe.

In these cases, it can get very messy because just like a car insurance company. Property owners do not want to be seen liable and have to pay any money. So their lawyers will review all the details of the case and see how (if at all) they can be relieved of the responsibility. If you or someone you know has suffered an injury or even passed away on public property in some sort of slip and fall, rain, snow, or ice incident, contact a skilled personal injury attorney in Atlanta, GA, like The Lynch Law Group – Attorney At Law as soon as possible. Like the property owners insurance company, a skilled attorney will study the facts of your case and work on your behalf to get the compensation that may be owed to you for your pain and suffering.