Personal Injury Cases

Establishing Fault in Personal Injury Cases

The majority of personal injury cases are based on claiming negligence was present. From a legal perspective, negligence holds individuals and entities responsible for failing to live up to a specific standard or duty of care. 

Elements of Negligence

Motor vehicle operators owe others on the road the duty of care to operate their vehicles in a reasonably safe manner. Furthermore, to avoid being guilty of negligence, vehicle drivers must refrain from hazardous activities like distracted driving or speeding.  Similarly, property owners are under a legal duty to keep their premises in a reasonably safe condition and to make efforts to warn people of any hazards the proprietor knows about or should have known about through performing a reasonable inspection. If you are alleging negligence, you have to prove that the individual or entity you are suing didn’t live up to that specific duty of care. Therefore, your legal counsel must show that there was a duty and then explain the way in which it was breached. 

A well-versed personal injury attorney can make the appropriate arguments on your behalf. They will investigate your situation, collecting police reports, witness testimony, and other evidence. Accident reconstruction evidence is often crucial in proving negligence in motor vehicle cases. This includes observations from people who witness an injury-related accident, such as a slip and fall on a slick floor in a drug store aisle. It also includes testimony from employees or other customers who can give evidence about the floor’s condition before that accident. Your personal injury attorney understands that this kind of accident evidence can go a long way in premises liability cases.

Proving Causation

An individual seeking compensation for accident-related injury also must show what courts refer to as “causation.” Causation means that you have to prove that the negligence specifically caused you to be injured. Causation is merely one of the complex legal issues that may arise in such cases. Proving causation is another area in which a personal injury attorney with a strong track record in strategy and litigation can provide essential assistance.

Getting Started with Your Personal Injury Claim

If you or a loved one has been the victim in an injury-related accident, you are entitled to seek monetary damages from those negligent, at fault, or responsible. It is crucial that you have a proven personal injury attorney in your corner who knows the legal system’s ins and outs and knows how to approach your case from all angles. Personal injury lawyers have invaluable experience fighting for the people they represent in the courtroom and at the negotiating table. They know how judges and juries tend to look at these cases, and they understand and know how to account for the diverse strategies insurance companies often use to try to reduce or avoid payouts. Personal injury lawyers provide comprehensive and personalized services for their clients. They are ready to fight to bring your case to the most favorable resolution possible. Contact a personal injury lawyer in your local area to schedule a consultation today.